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Brian Kendrick has been wrestling professionally around the world for over 16 years.  From WWE , TnA, Japan and most recently seen on E! Entertainment channel’s smash hit Total Divas, Brian is a bonafide international superstar, and now he is passing along his knowledge at Brian Kendrick’s School of Pro Wrestling!  Conveniently located off the 710 freeway in suburban Los Angeles, the next camp begins in November 30th, 2016!

Brian Kendrick has trained under legendary wrestlers, starting with arguably the greatest wrestler of all time, WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels, as well as world renowned trainer Rudy Boy Gonzalez in Texas at Shawn Michael’s Wrestling Academy.  Brian continued his education under the likes of William Regal, Tracy Smothers, Robbie Brookside, and Bobby Eaton in WWE’s developmental territory MCW in Memphis.  He has taken their collective teachings and used that knowledge to become a WWE Superstar, as well as working for TnA in the States and internationally for companies in Japan, Mexico, Europe, and Australia!

Whether you are beginning from square one, or a current wrestler looking to take their game to the next level.  Brian Kendrick’s School of Pro Wrestling is for you!  Don’t be left out, click on the banner below and sign up for the November boot camp course today!

Brian Kendrick wrestling school

Advice for those looking to join a wrestling school:

Professional Wrestling is not easy.  To be well rounded you must be intelligent, driven, creative, charismatic, well studied in the history of professional wrestling’s different promotions and performers from around the world as well as being fit for the job and looking the part.

You must be able to defeat exhaustion and pick yourself back up despite this exhaustion.

If you are planning on joining my or any other professional wrestling school please consider preparing now as this will allow you to spend more energy on other areas of your training.  I would suggest for those joining my camp to prepare yourself for the following:

4 sets of each of the following:

Squats – 50         Pushups – 25       Sit ups – 25

 Calf Raises – 25             Burpees -10

3 Minutes of each of the following:

Wall Sits           Grape Squishers/Knee Highs

Run a Mile in under 8 minutes


If you are able to do this by the time camp rolls around you will be able to soak in everything else with less exhaustion and the deficits that come from being exhausted.

If this sounds difficult I would suggest starting with 4 sets of 1 squat, pushup, situp, calf raise, and burpee and 10 seconds on of wall sits and Knee Highs.  Add 1 repetition to each set of each exercise as well as 5 seconds to the timed exercises each day.  You will be there before long so long as you just keep getting up.