Darwin Finch


Name: Darwin Finch



Darwin Finch was born in Puerto Ayora, as his parents were both scientists who worked at the famous Darwin Research Station located on the island of Santa Cruz.  They named their son after the Station’s namesake and founder with great hopes that he would grow up to become an evolutionary scientist just like them.  However, Darwin had other interests.  When he was a boy, he went to the United States to visit family.  There, his cousins were all watching professional wrestling, and at this moment Darwin fell in love with the sport, so much that he became obsessed with it.  His parents, albeit frustrated with the distraction, allowed Darwin to purchase tapes and action figures, thinking it was merely a phase to grow out of.  But he never did.  He even tried to convince his parents that the art indeed WAS science:  Anatomy, physiology, kinesthesiology and physics.  But his parents felt disgraced that their boy wasn’t concerned with “science that mattered”.  After a heated verbal dispute with his them, he fled back to America to pursue his dream of being a professional wrestler.  He hasn’t given up on showing to himself, his parents, and the world that wrestling indeed IS science as well as a sport and an art.  That is why he wears the moniker on his singlet: “SCIENTIFIC WRASSLIN!”

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