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Next Camp begins November 30th!

Brian Kendrick’s School of Pro Wrestling is designed with those who wish to pursue Pro Wrestling wholeheartedly.  It is a 3 hour a day, 3 day a week, 12 week course built to teach aspiring wrestlers as much as possible in a safe but rapid pace.  The entire focus of the school is to bring the best out of the students.  The work is hard.  You will be tired, you will get in better shape, and you will become a wrestler if you gamble on yourself, pay attention and put in your best effort.

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Everyone from aspiring beginners to seasoned veterans can benefit from the championship pedigree and work ethic that Brian Kendrick embodies and instills in his students, and his resume speaks for itself!  Brian has been wrestling professionally around the world for over 16 years.


Brian began his wrestling career training under legendary wrestlers Shawn Michaels and Rudy Boy Gonzalez in Texas at Shawn Michael’s Wrestling Academy.  He then cut his teeth learning from the likes of William Regal, Tracy Smothers, Robbie Brookside, and Bobby Eaton in WWE’s developmental territory MCW in Memphis.  He has taken their collective teachings and used that knowledge to become a WWE Superstar, as well as working for TnA in the States and internationally for companies in Japan, Mexico, Europe, and Australia  Now Brian is passing that knowledge on to you in Brian Kendrick’s School of Pro Wrestling!

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