Name: “The Monster” Terex



Terex was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts and given the name J. Terex III after his father and grandfather.  His grandfather owned a construction company and his father started a heavy equipment company.  He was a rough kid growing up, getting into fights in school and having a few run ins with the law.

Following his encounters with the authorities, he decided to attend Harvard Law, and after graduating 3rd in his class, he took on a client by the name of “Handsome Johnny Starr.  He was his #1 client, but after being disbarred for unspoken reasons, Terex went back to his rough and tough roots.  After that, Dan Kobrick needed a bodyguard, and from then on he was known as Terex, the definition of pain!  He holds no regard for the safety of others and is a one man wrecking machine, destroying any and everyone in his path.

Terex vs Willie Mack

Terex vs Eugene vs Jobroni

Terex vs 3 men